Heat Press

We offer a service not many other compaines will offer, on the spot heat pressing for individual garments. We also offer heat pressing for teams and larger orders as well, but please allow more time depending on the size of the order.

Heat Press prices:

If the garment is not purchased at Avon Sports Apparel a $2.00 service charge per garment is added to the subtotal, once you reach a 10 garment limit, the price drops to $1.00 per garment. 

The letters for backs and fronts of shirts are $0.50 per letter, and these are two inch block letters in several colors. 2"glitter letters are also available in 7 different colors, and are $0.75 each. 

Available logos in store range from $4.00 to $6.00.

Numbers for back and front of shirts are priced:

2" numbers are $0.50

4" numbers are $0.75

6" numbers are $1.50

8" numbers are $2.00

No order is too small or too large for our company, however please take time into consideration based on order size.



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